Thursday, 3 July 2014

Boomerang Family Favourites Highlights - 3rd July 2014

16:00. The Powerpuff Girls
Insect Inside/Powerpuff Bluff - After a cockroach is spared from the girls, a crooked owner learns this as their weakness, and uses it to his advantage on a crime spree. Then, a trio of crooks get their revenge on the girls, by dressing up and framing them.

16:30. Top Cat
The Con Men - A hot dog seller tells Top Cat on an investment deal he's made with a couple of business men. But TC discovers he's been fooled, and tricks the duo into giving the money back.

17:00. The Flintstones
Groom Gloom - After seeing Arnold the paperboy playing with Peebles, Fred has a bad dream in which everyone has grown up, and Pebbles is getting married to Arnold.

17:30. Wacky Races
Hot Race to Chillicothe/The Wrong Lumber Race

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  1. Powerpuff Bluff is one of my favorites.
    Of all shows on the block, Top Cat isn't dubbed over here and it never was.


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