Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Boomerang Family Favourites - 10th July 2014

16:00. The Powerpuff Girls
Octi Evil/Geshund Fight- After finding out that Bubbles doesn't like her sisters fighting, Him tricks her by using her toy Octi as a voice and giving bad advice on the girls. Then The Amoeba Boys try to break some rules, so the girls will beat them up and arrest them, but fail to do so when refusing to "Keep off the Grass" for a long time. Making them sit through a storm, and spread an illness throughout Townsville.

16:30. Top Cat
King for a Day - While hiding in a department store from Officer Dibble, TC finds an opportunity for riches when he spots a TV show giving away prizes. But his plan backfires when Dibble catches him on TV.

17:00. The Flintstones
Ann Margrock Presents - The Bedrock Bowl comes to Fred's town, and he suggests partnering up with Barney to appear on the show. While they're practicing, they leave Pebbles to a babysitter, who they don't know is really a famous superstar performing at the Bedrock Bowl. (Guest Star: Ann Margaret)

17:30. Wacky Races
Rhode Island Road Race/The Great Cold Rush

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